Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gold is on the rise

No confidence that more loans will resolve the issue of too many loans in the Euro Zone.

Gold is the play of social instability.

Selling GLD Jul 10 $118 puts for $4.5 and buying $115 GLD Jul 10 puts for $2.9

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ignore the credit raters! Buy GMAC Senior Debt

The author is adding another safe investment with a US government "put" to support the security. The intent will be to hold until maturity.

The whole investment logic for this one is supported by a quote from Bill Gross, PIMCO, in his May Investment Outlook

“Still, as future bond issuers belly up to the bar with their rating agency seals of approval, it is incumbent on the buying public to treat those IDs with a healthy skepticism. Firms such as PIMCO with large credit staffs of their own can bypass, anticipate and front run all three, benefiting from their timidity and lack of common sense. Take these recent examples for instance: S&P just this past week downgraded Spain “one notch” to AA from AA+, cautioning that they could face another downgrade if they weren’t careful. Oooh – so tough! And believe it or not, Moody’s and Fitch still have them as AAAs. Here’s a country with 20% unemployment, a recent current account deficit of 10%, that has defaulted 13 times in the past two centuries, whose bonds are already trading at Baa levels, and whose fate is increasingly dependent on the kindness of the EU and IMF to bail them out. Some AAA!

Now let’s go the other way. GMAC, that only too recently near-bankrupt finance company, carries recently upgraded B ratings from the rating services. Profiles in courage for all three, I say! I mean the U.S. government has injected $20 billion of capital and owns 65% of the company. It’s the auto industry’s equivalent of FNMA and FHLMC, except those are AAA and GMAC is B with a “positive outlook!” For that, you can buy a GMAC two-year bond at 6½% (8% with what are called “smart notes” that Investment Outlook readers can buy through their broker), while you receive only 1.2% at Fannie and Freddie. Vive la diffĂ©rence!”

The author of this blog has found something comparable to purchase…

NYSE: GKM – GMAC Senior Debt, 7.25% yield at par ($25), currently priced at $20.85 (8.69% yield to maturity) – Callable any time after 2008 and due 2033
NYSE: GJM – GMAC Senior Debt, 7.35% yield at par ($25), currently priced at $21.02 (8.69% yield to maturity) – Callable any time after 2008 and due 2033
I am going to buy a little of both of the above for myself right now. FYI: When they retire the debt, they normally start with the higher yielding one first.

Bought GKM at 20.96 on May 5th and sleeping well.