Monday, December 3, 2012

Kids know best #2: Mattel

Daddys and daughters. One of those two is hopeless in the gaze of the other. So for my daughters birthday she wanted a new doll. Not any doll, an American Girl doll. I happen to think Disney's business model takes lessons from the Branch Davidians and Jamestown to keep their following loyal. I found another business very similar. American Girl. $100 for the doll. Extra $20 to get the doll's hair done. Another $10 for a "facial" for the doll. There was a line at the "makeover counter" to do this. I did not see anyone get the facial. I might have started reading the book of "Revelations" for other signs of the apocalypse if I had. So I need to know who is making this killing? Mattel. The makers of Barbie. Diversification has been long coming. I looked at the financials. Great. Steady income growth and a modest P/E ratio. Plus the look my daughter gave when she walked away with her doll. The author bought shares at $37.15.