Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ambac heading for default???

JP Morgan thinks so, in the near term...

Does anyone remember February 2008 when the monolines were first being reviewed for downgrade and the market went in a frenzy and the CEO of Ambac was on CNBC? Who remembers that and what did you think then?

"We do not agree with the models! We repeat we are at no risk of defaulting. We have over $1B in claims paying resources!" the CEO Callen pleaded over and over again live on CNBC. Two years later and after at least two capital raising activities, Ambac is now at the end of their rope.

Even as recent as this Sept 26, 2008 interview with the CEO Michael Callen shows he is unrepentent about the financial risks to his firm and the system in general. Even in Sept 2008 the CEO claims to have $12B in claims paying resources. Good thing the rating agencies did not allow them to just shirk their responsibilities by moving those assets into a new subsidiary to avoid the existing liabilities (a.k.a. the shell game plan).

Here is the link -> "Ambac Insurance Unit May Be Put in Receivership"

Just a year ago this would have shook the financial sector. But since we started handing out money and the Dow is up, "hey, no problem!"

No recommendations other than encouraging everyone to stay defensive in general.

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Theirs always another default coming.