Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Naspers: The Top Emerging Markets Internet Play

Naspers originally was South African publishing company and still owns a large portion of the print media market in that country. But since diversifying into internet and media startups, Naspers has become a major force in emerging markets internet growth.

Naspers owns 33% of the most profitable internet company in Russia, Mail.RU. Through this investment, Naspers indirectly owns a small portion of Facebook and also Zynga. Naspers also owns 30% of the most profitable Chinese internet company, TenCent. Naspers owns 30% of the print media leader of Brazil and has been supporting social media start ups to rival Facebook in Latin America.

Overall, if it Naspers continues to cultivate it's niche, it could become a worldwide congolmerate of internet media companies. So far, management has shown great foresight and prudence. I am buying Naspers outright and we will see what the future brings.

Long Naspers at $59/share.

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Sounds like a interesting play.