Sunday, October 27, 2013

Google: The future of media, mobile content

Google is the king of search. Via Youtube, Google has the potential to be the king of media content distribution. Youtube will soon introduce paid subscriptions. This will allow content providers to completely circumvent cable networks and market directly to their audience. No more Nielsen ratings, the truth will be in click counts. The amount of users accessing Youtube from mobile devices is up from 6% in the same quarter the previous year to 40% last quarter. Mobile is where the largest growth in advertising revenue is occurring in the industry. Imagine if Google advertised show premiers by emailing all Google Android users the trailer of the new program? It is nearly inevitable that this distribution medium will have a major impact. This position has very little to do with current value, or quantification of the future. It has everything to do with future potential that can be realized in the very near future. The author has established the following position... Bought GOOG Jan 2015 $1050 Call Sold GOOG Jan 2015 $1060 Call ...for a net debit of $4.70

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Google should stay with search as their primary business.